Solar Panels

Solar Panel Cleaning in Ely, Newmarket and Cambridge

A dirty solar panel can decrease its performance and efficiency by up to 25-30% depending on the type of panel. As solar panels are always on the outside of the building it leaves them vulnerable to grime accumulation from a wide range of sources. Debris from trees and plants, bird droppings, dust, pollen, tree sap and rain all contribute to reducing the efficiency of your solar panels. Therefore it is vital they are kept clean and in good working order to provide you with the maximum benefit.

(We generally recommend doing a meter reading before and after a clean, if possible, to note the difference in power output for your set up.)

Pole-Fed Cleaning System

Using a telescopic water fed pole system with purified water is the best and safest way of cleaning solar panels. The purified water prevents watermarks or lime scale spots from forming on the surface of the panel. The telescopic pole systems, also known as Reach and Wash systems, are often found with commercial window cleaning companies.

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If the solar panels are at a height with no obvious safe form of access, this is the best option. It also avoids unnecessary roof climbing where possible.

Manafacturers generally recommend having your solar panels cleaned every 6 months.

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